100 acre training facility.
5 1/2 furlong racetrack.
World class track surface.

Hebert Bloodstock is a family affair. It consists of Jeff and Kathleen Hebert and children. Both Jeff and Kathleen were "raised in the business".

Jeff cut his teeth and learned horses and the game beginning when he was a very young boy at the famed Louisiana and Texas match tracks alongside his parents, grandparents, and all the other Cajun racehorse lovers, trainers, and future famed Cajun jockeys that came from here at home in Louisiana. These early days instilled a love of horses, horse racing and the people in the game. He went on to work for some of the top Quarter Horse trainers in the business as a young man. Our hometown of Vinton, Louisiana did and still does play host to some of the top Quarter Horse racing in the country. He became a licensed trainer in his own right and initially trained Quarter Horses before switching to and training Thoroughbreds in Louisiana and all over the country.

Kathleen was raised in South Texas on a large horse and cattle ranch. Her family stood Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred stallions and had a major training and breeding operation based in South Texas. Her whole young life was about riding horses and learning all she could about horses in general. She developed an eye for good horses from a young age as well as a lifelong love and passion for horses and horse breeding and racing. The family ranch also had a private string of race horses based in Southern California in the 1970’s. Such important horses as Crimson Saint, Terlingua, Storm Cat, La Mesa, Bernstein, and Sky Mesa can trace their roots or beginnings back to South Texas and her family’s ranch and breeding or racing program.

Hebert Training Center, located in Vinton, Louisiana, is less than two miles from Delta Downs Racetrack. Sitting on 75 acres, Hebert Training Center has a serious 5 ½-furlong racetrack. We are conveniently located just off Interstate 10 about 100 miles east of Houston, Texas and 25 miles west of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lake Charles is home to three very nice major casinos - the L’Auberge, the Golden Nugget and the Isle of Capri who many people enjoy visiting while in town. We are within easy reach for clients choosing to fly into major Houston, Texas airports or by smaller airports located in Beaumont, Texas or Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The Crown Jewel of the training center is our racetrack. Constructed over 50 years ago, Hebert Training Center’s track has a reputation of being one of the best surfaces in the state of Louisiana if not the entire country. Grade 1 winning Thoroughbreds Sahara Sky and Street Fancy were started and developed right here. Many storied Quarter Horses, including Champion Rocket’s Magic on whom the 1978 movie Casey’s Shadow was based, have trained and worked across this track because of the safety, quality and the kindness of its surface. In fact, Rocket’s Magic, the horse whose life story was depicted in the movie breezed across this track under Hall of Fame jockey and legend Randy Romero just prior to shipping to Ruidoso, New Mexico for the All American Futurity. Then just a couple of years ago we drove up to our place to see Randy Romero standing by our racetrack. He apologized for not calling which was no problem to us at all. We were thrilled to see him. It had been awhile since we had seen him, and it was both an honor and a treat having him there. He went on to tell us that he was writing a book and he needed a picture of himself at our track (Toomey Downs) because he had worked many good horses over this track as well as having ridden many a match race there. He began to tell us the story of when he worked Rocket’s Magic there before he shipped for the All American. Randy said that the Toomey Downs surface was so much better than the surface at Delta Downs that they brought Rocket’s Magic here instead to work. This would be his final prep prior to the All American. He wanted his picture taken here at our track as part of those memories. Having Randy there was certainly a wonderful day for us and hearing the stories of old from a firsthand perspective was super wonderful. Unanimously known in the industry as a seriously good racetrack, we treasure the opportunity to call it home to Hebert Bloodstock and our horses our people and our clients and friends (which are normally one in the same).

Hebert Bloodstock racing partnership opportunities are always available. Many of our better horses such as Forever Darling have been raced in partnership. We advocate and enjoy partnerships because it allows a lot of people to participate together and spreads the risk and the fun. Our motto is "the more the merrier." Partnerships also work very well for people who are complete novices to the game. It allows people new to the game to get involved in this great sport within the safety of a fully guided experience in previously unchartered waters. Everyone can come along for the ride and learn the game in good company. Newbies will have the opportunity to learn the game and the people in the game from the ground up alongside "old hands" rather than trying to go it alone as a complete novice which is very tough to do. This game is so multi-faceted and there is an art to being successful. Our years of experience and success in the game are a very big added value to our partnerships.

Partnerships allow the risk to be spread and the burden of expenses to be shared which is wonderful. It also makes the game more fun. After all this is a game that people play partially simply for the excitement and exhilaration and fun of sport and for entertainment and enjoyment. We strive to make it fun and educational for all our friends and clients.

In horse racing we can basically be a franchise owner and be part of all the action that a sports franchise has to offer. We have recruiters and coaches and trainers. When we partner, we can play it as a big team/family. We don’t judge our success simply by number of wins which is always the goal but isn’t always the outcome. These horses bring us on journeys and give us memories and moments and relationships and fun that money alone cannot buy. We start our journey with good horses and good people. From there we use our experience and expertise and relationships in the industry to guide the partnerships and the people smoothly and successfully through the journey to the races.

The horses themselves and the totally unique world of horse racing and breeding is something that has been a lifelong passion for us as a family and we always look forward to sharing that with others. It’s an exciting game with limitless possibilities and opportunities.

Hebert Bloodstock also offers pinhooking partnerships. Pinhooking is a term that we use to describe a venture which is typically a short-term investment where horses are bought specifically to resell rather than to race or hold long term.

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